Things to Do: Tour Kittiewan Plantation

Visit this beautiful, 18th-century plantation and home of the Archeological Society of Virginia in Charles City County, Virginia. Highlighting collections from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries and archeological collections from across the Commonwealth, the house and visitor center are a wonderful addition to the James River Plantation tours. Featured throughout the year will be reenactors discussing 18th-century medicine and the Revolutionary War and soldiers of the Civil War in Virginia.

The Mansion House Ground Floor has some of the finest interior paneling in the country. For a house of its size and exterior appearance, that being of a middling frame built, clapboarded farmhouse of the 18th century, the interior is unparalleled and upon seeing it for the first time, it does shock for the contrast. The Georgian paneling has had only three coats of paint since it was built. It looks a bit tatty as we haven’t yet decided how to proceed. See the page about the 21st century for more details.

The Mansion House Top Floor has displays a standard 18th to 20th century set of bedrooms. Memorabilia from Wilma Cropper is also on display. The area under one window is open so that the framing can be seen. Normally this would be hidden behind walls. The interior framing and the walls are very much a part of the history of the evolution of the house where examination has shown alterations to the house that cannot be seen otherwise.

The Mansion Grounds have the remnants of a formal garden that we are investigating with a view towards restoration. The grounds also have traces of former buildings. The depression off the NE corner of the house is a former office for the owner. It was the subject of the 2010 ASV Summer Field School.

Plantations tried to be generally self-sufficient by growing their own produce in their gardens, and livestock in their fields. A decorative formal garden was also typical wherein the more rigid Georgian layout was the norm. In the garden, flowers and other blooming plants were situated and were chosen to provide a full seasonal range of blooms. The blooms were used for interior decoration. Herb gardens were also quite common, sometimes as separate mini-gardens or within the larger formal garden.

Kittiewan Plantation 12104 Weyanoke Road  Charles City, VA 23030

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