Things to Do: Galaxy Tag

Do the kids need a break from the history of Colonial Williamsburg?  Check out Galaxy Tag in the Williamsburg Indoor Sports Complex.

Shouts of gleeful pretend battle ring across Galaxy Tag’ 4,400-square-foot space-themed arena, where sharpshooters exchange laser volleys amid a neon-lighted intergalactic battleground with strategic obstacles and colorful decorations. Projected planets and nebulas adorn the walls, and black light illuminates both glowing barriers and players’ bright clothing, casting everything else into near-darkness. A 30-foot spaceship stretches to the ceiling and acts as excellent cover for launching a sneak attack or privately serenading a laser gun. In addition to traditional laser tag with lit vests and unlimited lives, two other game modes are available upon request. In stealth mode, players slip into the shadows without vest lighting and find their foes by relying on natural abilities and tendencies to shout back Marco Polo’s last name. While playing in king-of-the-hill mode, each player morphs into a double-cat with 20 lives to lose.

5700 Warhill Trail
Williamsburg, Virginia 23188


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