TIP: Williamsburg, Virginia iPhone & iPad APP

This is a must have app for your iPhone or iPad:

Virginia’s Historic Triangle has such a wealth of historical attractions — along with plenty of family fun, golf, terrific accommodations and dining — that plotting your vacation here can be overwhelming.

This is when you need this app. It includes the latest information on regional attractions, from the capital of the Colony of Virginia, to theme parks, a winery, Confederate forts and day trips. Then the app helps you sort through all the information to help you plan your trip.

Sort the entries by areas or by special interests, such as family fun, outdoors, dining, or hidden gems. Scrolling down the alphabetical list of more than 140 entries will show you all the terrific things you can do here.

Each entry has a written description as well as a slide show, which is a visual preview. You’ll find a map, directions, hours and prices. There are active links to related entries and to phone numbers and websites. The app can even call a taxi for you!

Once you are in the Historic Triangle, use the app to find out what else is near your current location.

Trip planning, travel tips and money savers help maximize your vacation time and money.

• Planning tips for your visit to Colonial Williamsburg Foundation’s Historic Area. Did you know that you could save money by buying your admissions passes online?

• Regional tips on airports, traffic updates and weather

• How to reduce parking hassles by using free or inexpensive transportation around the Historic Triangle

• Tips on money-saving combination tickets, which let you visit two or more places for reduced prices. Links to online ticket deals, even dining discounts at the theme parks.

Click HERE to get the App for iPhone.

Click HERE to get the App for Android

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