An Occasion for Beer (and Wine) at The Trellis

You must have a calendar full of things to do in the fall – it seems we all do.  We think we have something that might deserve a spot on your schedule, maybe even two spots!

For the last couple of years The Trellis has partnered up with Williamsburg’s unbelievable showcase for artists, An Occasion for the Arts, to offer a tasting of a couple hundred wines and unlimited Lunch Buffet during the day long Art Show.  This year is no exception.  If you don’t know how cool AOFTA is, this is your chance to find out – and not go hungry. Likewise, if you are already a fan, you know how much you need a chance to step into a relaxed, fun tent filled with 200+ wines and all the food you can eat – art shopping can build up a mean appetite!

Now that An Occasion for the Arts is officially a two day Art Show, The Trellis is excited to take on Saturday’s refreshment duties as they host


Join local breweries and importers to try scores of great beers and, of course, the food that goes with them!  You will have a great opportunity to sample every kind of beer, from the freshest pilsner to the richest stout.  Find out what all the “microbrew” fuss is about or just enjoy tasting your way through on a beautiful Fall weekend.

You can get tickets for these events right here on our website and at The Trellis website.  Come to one or the other – or both! (Save a few bucks on a combo ticket!)

NEED A PLACE TO STAY?                                                                                                               719 GRAVES ORDINARY AT THE KINGSMILL RESORT & SPA

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