New Ownership for the College Delly

An old hot spot for students at the College of William and Mary is getting a facelift.

The College Delly has reopened with a new interior and expanded menu, as the owners of Paul’s Deli take over ownership and management of the restaurant.

The interior, fixtures and menu will undergo alterations under the new ownership.

The new ownership does not plan to change everything about the bar and restaurant, however.

Established in 1969 as a family-owned business, and at approximately the same time as Paul’s Deli, the College Delly is known for its sandwiches.

George Tsipas, the owner of Paul’s Deli, said he has no intention of changing this distinction.

The Delly is as much a part of Williamsburg and the school as Paul’s Deli is.  Original sandwiches such as the Hot Holly will still be on the menu.  The expanded menu will included pastas and salads.

Other renovations and changes will include a non-smoking patio and new tiles, paint and patio furniture. The restaurant will also maintain the name “The College Delly.”

According to Tsipas, student response to the renovations has been overwhelmingly positive.

Tsipas was approached in January by the Tsemauras family, the former owners of the College Delly, about taking over the business. His acquisition of the restaurant was based partly on his wish to bring the tightly packed triangle of local eateries — the Green Leafe Cafe, the College Delly, and Paul’s Deli — back to life, and partly on the friendship Tsipas has maintained with the Tsemauras family for many years.

Both the College Delly and Paul’s Deli will now be run by the Tsipas family.

Click HERE for the website.

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