Things to Do: Elton John Concert at Old Dominion U

Friday, March 18, Elton John and company will play at the Constant Convocation Center in Norfolk located on the Old Dominion University campus.


Elton John last visited the Hampton Roads area in 2003.  He is now Sir Elton John and will be playing some of his timeless hits as part of his “Greatest Hits Live Tour”.  In addition, Sir Elton will also play some of his newer releases form his 2010 album, “The Union”, including “If It Wasn’t for Bad” featuring country rock sideman, Leon Russell.

Since the 1960’s, Sir Elton has been cranking out top songs that continue to be popular over 40 years later..  Also recognized as a world philanthropist, this rock legend has put out memorable singles that are queued time after time in movies and commercials. Remember the Budweiser commercial featuring “Tiny Dancer” last month? He’s played in concert with music’s greatest giants from The Beatles and  to the bizarre Lady Gaga.

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