Flapjacks and a Flick at the Movie Tavern

pancakesThe Movie Tavern has quickly established itself as the best movie theater in Williamsburg. Not only do they offer the unique dining-and-viewing experience, but they also pepper their schedule with weekly special events, classic movies on Thursdays at midnight, Big-Screen Football on Saturday and Sunday, and their other weekly special, the one I will be writing about in more detail, Flapjacks and a Flick.

Flapjacks and a Flick is a weekly family-oriented, but definitely not family-exclusive, special every Saturday morning at 9am. As the name implies, there is a family movie screened and all-you-can-eat pancakes served all for one low price. For a child, the cost for the movie, unlimited pancakes, and select drinks is only $8.50, and for adults the same offer costs only $10.

I can’t think of a better way to enjoy a Saturday morning then watching a new movie with a fresh, never-ending-until-my-stomach-says-it-ends stack of pancakes. Take your kids, go with friends, go by yourself, if you like pancakes and you like movies, there’s not a better deal anywhere!

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