Chicago Tribune: Don’t Stay Home For Christmas

The Chicago Tribune suggests Williamsburg as a place to spend your Christmas:

Some people really need a Christmas getaway. The thought of staying home can suck the joy out of the holiday. There’s all that preparation — the tree, the shopping, the baking, parties, all that pressure.

There are underlying reasons for the malaise. The feeling, in part, has to do with changes in the American lifestyle and the American family, said Gary Fine, a sociology professor at Northwestern University. “A couple of decades ago, it would have been traditional for the family to gather at Christmas,” he said. “Most family members lived in the same geographical area. If your family was Chicago-based, then you would have a Christmas dinner and invite the relatives.”

Families have changed, he said. “People are marrying later and (older children) are not part of the family as much because they live all over the country, all over the world. There’s less need to go home.”

Colonial Williamsburg, Va.: Christmas has an 18th century flavor and probably more of a 19th century flavor as traditions evolved. Early Virginians wrote of balls, parties, visits and good food. Thomas Jefferson wrote about Christmas as a “day of greatest mirth and jollity.”

To this day, good cheer and warmth fill the holiday season with music, tours and, of course, hearty food. Colonial Williamsburg’s doors and windows are decorated with lovely wreaths made of natural materials: boxwood, holly, pine, apples and pineapples. Colorful fife-and-drum corps march down Duke of Gloucester Street. You can engage with role-playing colonists who can opine on the day’s happenings. Buildings are beautifully illuminated.

Holiday dining at Colonial Williamsburg’s traditional eateries — Chowning’s Tavern, Christiana Campbell’s, Shield’s Tavern and King’s Arms — are especially fun and filling. See

Read the article in it’s entirety HERE

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