Restaurant Review: Hayashi Sushi & Grill

Vegetarian sushi is just that – various vegetables all rolled up into a sushi roll. It’s a very flavorful alternative to traditional sushi and is a real hit among my non-adventurous diner friends.

You might be asking what kinds of vegetarian rolls are out there and are they tasty? The answer is yes and there are many from which to choose!  There is your generic vegetable roll which comes with carrots, cucumbers, pickled root (which is delicious) and egg. Then there are classics like avocado rolls, asparagus rolls, plain cucumber rolls, or a combination of avocado and asparagus or cucumber or all three together. The best part is you can create your own rolls and ask for whichever vegetable you’d like in a roll.

One of my favorite non-traditional rolls and actually non-vegetable rolls is the marinated tofu roll. This roll is actually a bit difficult to come by because not every place carries this. But luckily there is a place in Williamsburg where you can order one – Hayashi!  This has fast become one of my favorites among ALL the sushi I eat. It is fantastic!  Another roll that seems to be unique to Hayashi is the sweet potato roll. It is served warm and it simply melts in your mouth. Delicious!  Don’t forget the light soy sauce and wasabi and you’re all set for a fantastic sushi experience.

So, if you’re looking for some great sushi options and aren’t into the more traditional rolls try out some vegetarian sushi options at Hayashi in Williamsburg. At the very least try a tofu roll and a sweet potato roll.

Hayashi Sushi & Grill 5601 Richmond Road Williamsburg, VA  (757) 253-0282

TIP: You can order take out and have a picnic at the Kingsmill Marina.



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