Second Street: Home of the Award Winning Chohony Burger

With a fast-food establishment on almost every urban street corner, it takes a pretty confident restaurant owner to feature a “superburger” and give it the family name — but that is what the Chohany brothers, John and Mickey, have done at Second Street Restaurant and Tavern in Williamsburg.  And they have been immensely successful at challenging the ubiquitous providers of burgers. Their 12-ounce Chohany Burger (, buried under a pile of toppings of your choice and sitting next to a hill of french fries, is, as their menu proclaims,”the pinnacle of the Williamsburg experience.”

The  Award Winning Chonany Burger is, to put it simply and succinctly, the best burger in town. (Until Five Guys opened in Williamsburg)

Second Street is  within walking distance of the Historic Area, a family place with a friendly tavern atmosphere. It is a place that draws a crowd, at noon on a wintry Saturday as well as the dinner hour on weekdays.

2nd Street 140 Second St. Williamsburg, VA   (757) 220-2286

Voted Williamsburg’s Best Burgers ever since the locals started voting in the Virginia Gazette.


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