Shirley Pewter Shop on Duke of Gloucester Street

Shirley Pewter Shop is a quaint store that has been located on the Duke of Gloucester Street, Williamsburg, Virginia, in the heart of Merchants Square, for more than 30 years. It offers handcrafted and custom designed pewter pieces for the discriminating buyer who appreciates fine craftsmanship and the ageless beauty of an exquisite piece of pewter art. Born in a backyard garage, nurtured through hours of hard labor, and finally evolving into a metal craft shop on the outskirts of town, the success of Shirley Pewter Shop can be traced back to a combination of artistic talent, a German mentor, sheer determination, family encouragement and endless hours of hard work.

In 1962, Shirley Pewter Shop moved into its first location in Merchants Square, Williamsburg. By that time, he no longer supplied wholesalers, finding that he could sell all he manufactured in his own stores and by mail order catalog. However, it was not long before the store was getting requests for products and finishes that his craftsmen did not create. Wanting to meet his customers’ needs, Shirley, along with his son, Bruce, who had just joined the business, opened Yorktown Pewter, Ltd. on historic Main Street in Yorktown, Virginia. There they began representing other pewter companies from around the world. The concept was eventually expanded and brought to the newly located Shirley Pewter Shop on Duke of Gloucester Street.

Shirley Metalcraft, located on Jamestown Road, is a retail outlet for Shirley products as well a workshop that is open to the public. Here customers get a real feel for the artistic process involved in handcrafting Shirley Pewter. People are encouraged to stop by and see the brand name, “Shirley” being carefully sculptured into beautiful works of art.

Shirley Pewter Shop 417 Duke of Gloucester Street, Williamsburg, Virginia  (757) 229-3668


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