Fall Travel Tips And Money Saving Ideas

Just because you’re staying away from home, however, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to break the bank and force yourself into a penniless holiday season. Here are tips for conserving your funds on vacation.

1)    Use other airports. Major metropolitan areas have multiple airports, and small carriers often use airports just outside of the cities they serve. Flying to a nearby airport and making a short driving commute to your destination may take you more time, but it is bound to save you some cash.  Check our Richmond, Newport News and Norfolk airports.

2)    Don’t check your bag. You can avoid that $100 fee that airlines charge for a single checked bag (round trip) by simply packing less, shipping your luggage (via FedEx or the U.S. Post Office) to your destination, and/or buying your essentials once you arrive.

3)    Make multiple car reservations. After doing your own research, reserve your rental online at the lowest possible price. Cancel previous reservations upon finding a better deal, or reserve an economy car and try your luck when you get to the counter. If sold out, rental companies will usually upgrade customers to the next-largest vehicle free of charge.

4)    Use your camera as a tool. Take photos to document dings and scratches to your rental car before driving off the lot, as well as important documents in the event that they need to be replaced on the road.

5)    Purchase carefully. Instead of buying plastic tourist items, shop for souvenirs that will actually remind you of your trip. You could also take your own pictures and use services such as Wish You Were Here or Waving Madly to transform your snapshots into personalized postcards.

6)    Get a group together. Collectively renting a townhouse or a villa can save you more money than several nights at a hotel.  Consider this 1 or 2 bedroom suite at Kingsmill Resort & Spa.  Click HERE


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