Things to Do: Civil War Tour of Williamsburg

The Williamsburg Civil War Tour takes the civil war enthusiasts and visitors through a very interesting portion of the Peninsula campaign –

The Battle of Williamsburg Virginia.

This was the largest battle of war up until this time. This would be a testing ground for many generals. Some soldiers would later recall their experience in the battle at Williamsburg being the severest of all battles of the War.

George Armstrong Custer on the Peninsula

Your personal walking Civil War battlefield tour will include a discussion of the Virginia Peninsula Campaign and typically focus on the Battle of Williamsburg VA, a one-day battle that resulted in thousands of causalities. Your guide will explain with a specially fabricated map of the battlefield, the movements throughout the day of the main unites involved.

There are many interesting stories connected with this battle and the subsequent occupation of Williamsburg by the forces of northern aggression. Your tour can include an in-depth discussion of this battle and a visit to the areas of the battlefield to gain terrain recognition. Visitors will view the actual house occupied by General Joseph Johnson and later by his pursuer General George McClellan.
See the bullet holes in the weathervane. The stories of occupied Williamsburg are phenomenal and may of the best stories involve the patriotism of the southern ladies of Williamsburg.

For more information, or  (757) 897-9600

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