Children’s Guide to Colonial Williamsburg Historic Area

Written just for kids, this book will tell you how to have the most fun in the coolest place from the eighteenth century—Colonial Williamsburg’s Historic Area.

Discover who was the first father of his country (Hint: It wasn’t Washington) and how to stomp in the clay to help make bricks the colonial way (Warning: It’s mushy).

Find out about colonial games like rolling hoops and ninepins, about the cells that held the crew of the notorious pirate Blackbeard, about rare breeds of farm animals, about fifes and drums.

What are hogsheads and blockheads? A hogshead is a type of barrel that was used to ship tobacco, the main cash crop in Virginia. A blockhead is a piece of wood carved to the size and shape of a customer’s head and used by a wigmaker to ensure a perfect fit.

Click HERE to order the book  for $ 6.95

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