Restaurant Review: Le Yaca

Le Yaca began in a tiny, country village in the French Alps in 1965. The little village was eight kilometers below an up and coming ski resort that has since become famous as Courchevel. Proprietor Daniele Bourderau and her husband Gerard Gormier decided that it would be fun to open a small restaurant for resort guests in one of the barns on the family property.

They created a second Yaca in Saint-Tropez in 1968. The second Yaca was as successful as the first one.

Daniele came to the United States and opened a new Le Yaca in Williamsburg on the 5th of December, 1980.

In 1984 it began to be written up in magazines and newspapers including an especially favorable review by Phyllis Richman of the Washington Post. Richman’s syndicated column was published in 180 newspapers.

Daniel Abid was the first Head Chef of Le Yaca in Williamsburg. Before coming to America, he worked and trained in such prestigious places as “Le Pre Catelan” and “Lenotre” in Paris; “L’Amandier” and “Roger Verger” in Mougins; and to top it all off with “Alain Ducasse.”

In 2001 Chef Daniel, whom Daniele had brought to Williamsburg from France, bought the restaurant.

Click HERE for menus.

TIP:  Stay at the luxury condos at the Kingsmill Resort.  Le Yaca is just yards from the entrance to Kingsmill and close to Busch Gardens.  Click HERE for more information.

Le Yaca Restaurant Francais 1915 Pocahontas Trail Williamsburg, VA 23185 Phone – 757-220-3616

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