Shopping: The Toymaker of Williamsburg

When in Williamsburg you have to stop in the Toymaker of Williamsburg.    Each year thousands of visitors to Colonial Williamsburg stop by the Toymaker to take home classic toys and unusual playthings found nowhere else.

The store offers die-cast metal toy soldiers. This is a great souvenier for kids or a Christmas stocking stuffer for grand kids.  An annual trip can make a collection grow steadily.

Stepping through the entrance, one sees toy soldiers in the cases on either side of the door. Be sure to notice the detail and authenticity of their faces and uniforms.

Continuing inside, shoppers find shelves of games and stuffed animals which leads to a set of stairs.  The second floor offers a showcase full of collectible cars, planes, and other vehicles.  There is yet another case full of toy soldiers.

This is a place enjoyed by kids of all ages, from grade school to retiree.

TIP: Make an annual trip to the Toymaker and create a lifetime tradition.

The Toymaker of Williamsburg is located in Merchants Square near Colonial Williamsburg.

HOURS:  Sunday-Thursday, 10am-6pm and Friday-Saturday, 10am-9pm.


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