Busch Gardens Williamsburg Announces Improvements

The biggest addition for 2011 will be Mäch Tower.  Reaching a height of 246 feet, and speeds of 60 mph the new addition will be part of an refurbished Oktoberfest.  A drop tower has been long rumored for Busch Gardens Williamsburg.  This announcement may come as no surprise to many.  However, the real suprise may be the announcement of refurbishment of Oktoberfest.  The park will be giving the 30 year old section of the park a complete refurbishment.  These new additions will make Oktoberfest a much improved area in the park.

Mach Tower As you enter Oktoberfest and pass by the fun-filled halls of Das Festhaus, you see it rising into the sky – the massive spire known as Mäch Tower.

Craning your neck to see the top, you notice a group of revelers being lifted and spiraling into the stratosphere. Suddenly, in a rush of wind and screams, they drop. So does your jaw.

This is Mäch Tower, the highest ride in Busch Gardens. It’s 245 feet of adrenaline-pulsing thrills with a view of the park and surrounding countryside you have to see to believe. That is, if you can keep your eyes open.

Perhaps the biggest announcement was the addition of a Multi-Launch coaster for 2012 that will feature many “firsts”.  The coaster sounds similar, if not identical to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay’s new roller coaster.  No details have been released on the coaster yet.

To see the official Busch Gardens Williamsburg announcement web page, click here.  The announcement video has been embedded below as well.

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