Free Thing to Do – Jamestown Ferry

One of the first things on your to do list of free activities is a ride on the Jamestown Ferry. Are you surprised when we say free and ferry in the same breath? Most people are.

But the 15-minute ride across the James River definitely is free. It’s also priceless, for you’ll get a terrific view of the shoreline. In fact, you’ll be getting a good idea of what the first European settlers saw when they first arrived in the area more than 400 years ago.

The ferry leaves from Glass House Point and crosses over to the Scotland Wharf. It’s a bus/auto ferry and runs 24-hours a day, so if you’ve a hankering at 2 in the morning for a star-lit ride across the river, your whim may be easily indulged.

To see the area as the founders of Jamestown did in 1607, travel the northbound ferry — the view in that direction is more natural. If you’re heading for the area’s “Historic Triangle” (Historic Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown), the southbound ferry is your best bet.

NOTE: Commuters use the ferry to travel to and from work.  Depending on the time of day, you may find yourself waiting in line for a long while.

TIP – Ferry schedules are HERE

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