Kingsmill – The Place to Stay in Williamsburg

The Kingsmill Resort and Spa is the place to stay during your visit to Williamsburg, VA.  Nestled on the banks of the historic James River lies a family destination like no other-Kingsmill Resort. Whether you’re on a quest for golf greatness at one of our three championship courses, soaking up the royal treatment at our spa or in search of some much needed quality time away from the family castle, your kingdom awaits at Kingsmill Resort.

The perfect family destination is one of your own design. So take a look around Kingsmill and its surrounding areas and discover a kingdom full of rich history, delicious restaurants, remarkable golf, soothing spas, unforgettable events and luxurious amenities fit for a King. To help you on your journey, let us recommend a few amazing attractions to help you customize your kingdom for the ultimate, royal retreat.

TIP: Check out for a deal on one of the condos at the Kingsmill Resort and Spa.   This site also includes more tips and info for your stay in Williamsburg, VA

TIP:  Kids will love the 3 par golf course overlooking the James River

TIP: Get a bottle of wine and some sandwiches from The Cheese Shop and have a casual dinner at the Kingsmill Marina overlooking the James River


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